A simple and quick lunch or supper when I'm on my own.  It's really the only way I'm happy to eat an egg.  It does involve having a few things in the house that we don't always have; eggs, tortillas, salsa.  Avocado, refried beans, and sour cream are good too, but I will make it without them.

SMITTEN KITCHEN: huevos rancheros Eggs for breakfast Mexican style - Especially fine with some chili verde or left or chile colorado

I made these in the slow cooker once for book club.  They were amazing; I served with egg noodles and leeks braised in white wine, and it was decadent.  The recipe is from the Smitten Kitchen website, my go-to website for recipes.  I've never had a failure yet from it.

Braised Beef Short Ribs with Potato Purée, Swiss Chard and Horseradish Cream via Smitten Kitchen

Mac'n'cheese; traditional comfort food.  I'm not endorsing this recipe, just using it for the attractive picture.

Four-Star Macaroni & Cheese Bake. Your family will fall in love with homemade mac and cheese all over again. Trust us, this ooey-gooey oven bake is cheesier than you ever thought possible.

Sushi!  Not to make at home, but to eat out.  It's a fairly inexpensive lunch, and with salad and miso soup and tea it always feels like I've had a nice variety to eat.  This picture from Wikipedia emphasizes the rolls, I notice.

It's not exactly "authentic," but with varieties like Coconut Shrimp and Cajun Sweet Potato, Wegmans sushi is delicious