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Assistive Technology
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IEP information that could be useful when referring a student or what to do there after.

What is an IEP? Learn about individualized education programs or plans for your child with a learning disability.

ModMath - The first iPad app made specifically for people with dysgraphia and dyslexia. It's a great resource for students who may need extra help lining up and organizing information.

ModMath: Is an Apple App that helps students with dyslexia perform math problems. The link and video will automatically play when you push play.

STAAR A and Accommodations presentation for 504.

STAAR A and Accommodations presentation for 504

The CL60A is ideal for those with hearing loss, vision loss, or limited mobility. The powerful amplifier increases incoming sound up to 50+dB. The amplified slow play-back answering machine makes all the messages loud and clear plus easy to understand the 1st time around. It has high-definition sound technology for unmatched clarity, a new standard in amplified telephone technology.

with amplified slow play answer- Serene amplified talking cordless phone- Talking caller ID with phone-book and call logs- 300 times dB) amplifi.