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Oooh I'm making this for my birthday/easter cake this year, easter bird nest cake

Easter Bird Nest Cake - Recipe (Adorable & very easy to create. This is made with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, & also piped with a tip, in small lengths, different directions to create the "Nest" look.

Cupcakes - decorated as one cake. Kerri made a similar one for Olive's 2nd Birthday

Cupcake cake with owl pops in the tree use your own recipe for the cupcakes and then add green food coloring to the frosting you are making the leaves in the tree. The chocolate frosting for the trunk of the tree. Make owl pops and stick them in randomly.

Integer War - Subtracting Adding Integers

Integer War Adding and Subtracting Integers Math GameDo We Get a Grade for This

Applications of Logs webquest

A logarithm is the power in which the number raised in order to get the other number. Logarithm and exponents are opposite to each other. The logarithm is denoted by log_a (y) = x. There are many rules and properties of the logarithm.