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These self sustaining ecosystems are the coolest desk ornament idea

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem - an enclosed world containing marine shrimp, algae and micro-organisms. A completely enclosed, self-sustaining little world that needs only indirect light and to be stored in comfortable room temperature.

Aqua Farm Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Aqua Farm Self Cleaning Fish Tank. want these for the betas, but they are pricey This isn't enough space for a Betta fish to live in.Fish have a life too they aren't just for show.

What is Oil Pulling? This simple technique can lead to clearer skin, whiter teeth and better health.  Helps your body detox.  You will notice amazing results if you commit to it every day!  My dentist recommends this for all of his patients.   -

What is Oil Pulling? Spoonful of coconut oil thing upon awaking, forceful swish in mouth minutes and spit out into trash ( not drains b/c may clog)

Potato & Omelet Breakfast Bites recipe for those busy mornings on the go by Ella Claire

Delicious Potato Omelet Breakfast Bites~ Perfect to keep in the freezer for those mornings on the go! - I'd change the tater tots to potato rosti and bake them first, then top with omelette things (similar to what I do now, with added potato)