Painting Hacks

some pictures with the words how to paint on paper with acrylic in front of them
How to Paint on Paper with Acrylic
Painting on paper is cost effective, saves space, can keep your work in a single book and when you tape the edges, it has a beautiful border 🙂 In this video we cover: - What makes a good paper for acrylic painting - To gesso or not to gesso? - Paper tooth - How to tape your edges (to avoid tears) Plus a little cloud painting demo and tape removal : I hope you find this video helpful! Cheers and Happy Painting
a woman is painting a pink flower on canvas with gessor and text that reads how to reuse a canvas with gesso
Reuse an Old Canvases with Gesso | Acrylic Painting
f you have paintings piling up and want to reuse your old canvas - you can! Adding a coat or two of gesso makes your surface as good as new. Gesso is cost effective and saves old projects from ending up in the landfill. Cheers and Happy Painting ... or re-paintig 😉
some art work with text that reads use bubble wrap to create texture acrylic
Use Bubble Wrap to Create Texture - Acrylic Painting Tutorial
Learn how to use bubble wrap to create fun, hive like textures in acrylic paint. You can use this technique in tutorials like my Honey Bee or to add it to your own projects in ANY colour - layering for amazing pattens. I hope find this video helpful!