What Does Peace Feel Like - A great book for teaching children about peace

What Does Peace Feel Like? A fabulous teaching tool for Remembrance Day. Or any sort of kindness curriculum!

Remembrance Day in Canada

Simple text and illustrations portray what peace looks, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells like to children around the world.

We are going to be singing this song with our learning buddies at our Remembrance Day Assembly.

Award Winning Childrens singer Susan Salidor performs her original hit Ive Got Peace in my fingers. Great song for school assemblies, International Peace Day Celebrations, National Days of Peace.

Todd Parr reading his fabulous book "The Peace Book". I read this with my class every Remembrance Day and we make a class book. I just wish he would make a YouTube video where he reads the French version!

Todd Parr reading his fabulous book "The Peace Book". Make a class book with your students after reading it together. Great for Remembrance Day.