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Family Activity: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt for Kids-Nature Walk We did this about a month ago and was a huge hit! We are going to Jester Park again tomorrow and doing it again. It really made the kids slow down and & nature.

Canada Day Windsock looks awesome blowing in the wind on the front porch! {One Time Through}

20+ Canada Day Activities and Crafts

Maple Scented playdough perfect for Canada Day

Maple Scented Canada Day Playdough

Recipe for maple scented playdough and the trick to making homemade playdough without getting sore arms!

Fireworks in a Jar

How to Make Fireworks in a Jar

This fun chemistry activity for kids is a colourful, bubbly, streaming reaction that reminds me of mini explosions and so I've named it Fireworks in a Jar! Perfect for Memorial Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day or the Queen's Birthday!