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a lego calendar with the words march to challenge 2013 written on it in red, green, yellow and blue
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Download a free printable LEGO challenge April calendar to encourage kids’ creativity and imagination!
the lego play challenge is shown with instructions for each child's age and number
Download Your FREE 30 Day LEGO Challenge For Some Creative Fun!
LEGO Challenge lead – Mykidstime
the 30 days of lego play calendar with instructions for each child to learn how to use it
30 Days of LEGO Play – Free Printable Calendar - The Shirley Journey
the 30 day lego building challenge is shown in this printable version for kids to play with
30 Day LEGO Challenge FREE Printable Activity Calendar!
a lego figure made to look like a bunny with carrots in front of it
lego bridge building challenge for kids with instructions to build the bridge and help them learn how to build it
Do a LEGO Bridge Building Challenge! - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
colorful legos are sitting in a basket next to each other on a white table
LEGO Easter Eggs: Building With Basic Bricks - Little Bins for Little Hands
an image of a toy car made out of legos
Lego Balloon Car That Really Goes! - Little Bins for Little Hands