Pattern activities for kids in preschool through first grade - with links to free pattern printables

15 simple ways to teach patterns to preschoolers

Looking for pattern activities for kindergarten or preschool? Find 15 simple and fun pattern activities. with free printables!

Color It Like you MEAN it!: Zebras! Using paper, watercolor, and yarn. Kindergarten and patterns.

Color Zebras After learning the colours on the colour wheel. Get creative and create a zebra.

How to teach patterns - Kindergarten I definitely need to make more use of my pocket display.

How to teach patterns - Kindergarten.use these for Do Nows and Math journals! Patterns are impt, even if CC says they're not!

Here's a post with a wealth of ideas for setting up a patterning kit or station.

Reggio-inspired mathematics: patterning kit - Mathematics and Science in SD (Richmond)

▶ AAB Pattern Song - Musical Math - YouTube For KINDERGARTEN. Activity: doing the clapping motions along with the song. Lead Topics: talking about patterns.

This is just one of three different patterning songs included in the Musical Math DVD. Children love this song for fun motions and words, like "Chug, chug, .

Patterning and fine motor. For more info and resources follow my board

Clothespin Color Matching Strips ~ This is a great activity for eye-hand coordination … fine motor skills … and cognitive development. pattern strips and purchased color coding dots at Walmart and color clothespins.

Monster Choir - Sound Pattern Game. Great for Kindergarten.

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