2 Americans in Paris - great, catchy song and fast paced images showing lots of French culture

Charming video montage of a trip to Paris, France. Allo Allo Deux Amricains Paris by Land of Nod Inc.

Toutes les épisodes de Barbapapa chez YouTube

Great series for listening to every-day French.

Hear native French speakers say where they are from. This video provides different accents to the same question, empowering you to improve your listening skills by listening to real French in practical situations.

Themes pour la maternelle Immersion francaise au Canada

You Are NOT Your Students’ BFF (Best Friend Forever): Balancing “Friendliness” and “Friendship”

french kids songs


Pinned said: Karaoké chanson enfant - Alouette (Piwi) High School students BEG me to play this!

17 Chansons et Comptines pour enfants (playlist)

Pleines de bonnes comptines et chansons pour enfants! Tons of great french nursery rhymes and songs for kids!