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Grandparents Alienation

Grandparents Alienation - yes, there is a name for what you do. You will be judged one day by your horrible actions.

FEB07Miami-Dade County Support Group Meeting for Victims of the Family Court System

Sometimes a parent grieves for the loss of a child that is still alive. Been there before and seem to be hanging around the perimeters of it again unfortunately.

What is ostracism?

So you all have sentenced my children to the death penalty. Well I hope God forgives you because I don't!

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Grandparents Have Rights Too!

That's right Nanny will never give up and will see you soon Love you always

Grandparents Rights. Every divorce parent needs to realize the damage they can do to a child, by not letting them be a part of their grandparent's lives

So thankful that my boys get enough 'grandparent' love and attention from my parents and grandparents. No child should be denied the right to know their grandparents unless it would cause them emotional/mental/physical harm.