7 Canada Day Inspired Treats

Woodside National Historic Site Did you know that here in Kitchener Ontario Canada lies the childhood home of Sir William Lyon .

How to :: catch a Canadian.

Not all of us want free beer. Ok, yes Molson Canadian will get Canadians, but still. Any non-Canadian beer won't work on us.

Canada day :)

Canadian Nail Fanatic: O, Canada! My True and Native Land!

Happy Canada Day

Canada Flag @ Niagra Falls in honour of Canada Day! I have been on Boat that goes Very Close to the Bottom of Falls. As well, there's Tunnels to be able to go Behind this Amazing site.

NicNacManiac: Celebrate Canada Day

NicNacManiac: Celebrate Canada Day


Day 48 of 365 - Orangeville Canada Day Celebrations Well It’s time once again to descend upon the Orangeville Fairgrounds to witness the awesome fireworks display this Friday July 2010 starting AT 2011 will mark the annual fireworks display.

Canada Day pride

Canadian patriots full of pride: poll


Happy Canada Day - GreyMatters wishes all Canadian clients and Canadians everywhere a Happy Canada Day!