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people are swimming in the water near a fountain with a waterfall on top and trees surrounding it
many people are laying on the beach in front of an old bridge and some boats
Furore Beach Italy - The Hidden Gem on the Road to Rome
the mountains are covered in snow under a cloudy sky with some clouds above them,
Probably the most impressive peaks of the Dolomites [OC][640x960]
the entrance to an italian estate with trees and flowers on either side, surrounded by greenery
Hospitality / Travel / Lifestyle | Borgo San Felice and Restaurant Poggio Rosso | Stefano Scatà Photographer
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and buildings with mountains in the back ground
Best Things to Do in Mallorca
people are swimming in the clear blue water near some buildings and beach umbrellas on rocks
Mallorca - Spain
a mountain covered in snow next to a river
Matterhorn, Swiss Alps, View from Zermatt
the mountains are covered in snow and green grass, with a small lake below them
Soglio / Switzerland (by Amyjo).
people are on the beach and swimming in the clear blue water, while others swim nearby
people are sitting at tables in an outdoor patio with plants and potted plants on the wall
Apulian journey | Stefano Scatà Photographer