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Tricrepicephalus texanus  Weeks Formation  Millard County, UT  Cambrian

This is a nice Trilobite fossil

Trilobite fossil. Over 17,000 known species roamed the oceans for over 270 million years. All gone now...

Trilobite (Phacops rana) was designated the state fossil of Pennsylvania in an elementary school science class campaigned for this prehistoric invertebrate.

Maiasaura peeblesorum

Dinopedia by CamusAltamirano on DeviantArt

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Maiasaura peeblesorum a-dinosaur-a-day: “ By Nobu Tamura, CC BY Name: Maiasaura peeblesorum Name Meaning: Good Mother Reptile First Described: 1979 Described By: Horner & Makela Classification:.

The Brontosaurus. Along with the T-Rex & Triceratops were probably the first dinosaurs we learned about & loved as kids. That's why many are still shocked to learn the Brontosaurus never existed. Its discoverer, Othniel Marsh only found the fossils of its body (the most complete set ever found at that time). Missing the head, he attached one from a different dinosaur. Paleontologists have known about the error since 1903 and the dino with its correct head has since been  known as…

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