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a painting with animals and trees in the background
Livre des propriétés des choses | BnF Essentiels
Faune : animaux Barthélémy l'Anglais, Livre des propriétés des choses Flandre, 3e-4e quart du XVe siècle. Traduit par Jean Corbichon Paris, BNF, département des Manuscrits, Français 134, fol. 337
an open book with some drawings on the pages and in it is a drawing of a sun and moon
15th century French manuscript: the moon and stars
an image of a man holding a book
Bees & beehives from medieval Illuminated Manuscripts
an old book with some writing on it and pictures of people in the page below
hybride angel vs. armed rabbit Vincent of Beauvais, Speculum historiale, France ca. 1294-1297. Boulogne-sur-Mer, BM, ms. 130II, fol. 319v
an old book with pictures of people in different rooms
an illuminated manuscript with the birth of jesus and two women, surrounded by other animals
Vlaamse miniaturen - CODART
The Ptolemaic universe as viewed from the Earth. God is shown with the angels in the spiritual realm outside the rotating spheres of the stars and planets. Simon Marmion (ca. 1425-1489), The Temptation of Eve, ca. 1460, Royal Library Brussels.
an artistic painting with birds flying around it
First Edition Books, Signed, Inscribed & Collectibles
Simon Marmion, Astronomical Halo, detail, 1460. The spheres of the heavens are shown as the inside of a dome with the realm of God at the apex.
an illuminated manuscript with a depiction of the birth of jesus and two women holding a child
Sexy Codicology (LEGACY)
Miniature of a circumcision, England (London) ca. 1360-75. Source: BL Royal 6 E VI
four different animals are depicted in this painting
Reims, B. m., ms. 0993, f. 254v. Bartholomaeus Anglicus, Livre des propriétés des choses. Paris, before 1416.
an illustration of a ship in the middle of a page from a medieval illuminated manuscript
11th - 14th century
an image of the human body with many different types of people around it and stars in the background
the hangman's beautiful daughter
Zodiac Man (15th C)
an old book with a peacock's head on it and many other words in the pages
The Book of Trees: 800 Years of Symbolic Diagrams Visualizing Human Knowledge
Tree of virtues, ca. 1250 from the 'Liber floridus (Book of Flowers), an encyclopedia complied between the years 1090 and 1120 by Lambert, a canon of the church of Our Lady in Saint-Omer; the work gathers extracts from 192 different texts and manuscripts to portray a universal history or chronological record of the most significant events up to the year 1119. This mystical palm tree, also known as the 'palm of the church,' depicts a set of virtues (fronds) sprouting from a central bulb.
an image of three angels playing music in the water with one holding a musical instrument
Sirens, Vincent de Beauvais, Miroir Histoire (Speculum Historiale), Ghent ca. 1475. Getty, Ms. Ludwig XIII 5, V1, fol. 68v
an illustration of a city with lots of trees and flowers on it, surrounded by other things
9 Maps Of Imaginary Worlds (NEW BOOK)
T and O map, Bartholomaeus Anglicus, Le livre des proprietes des choses (1372), BnF fr. 9140.