Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

Use cookie cutters to make a festive Fourth of July fruit salad!or turn it into any other holiday using different cookie cutter shapes and fruit!

this would be killer coming out of a veggie dip bowl

Fancy - Cucumber Killer Whale by Brock Davis this would be killer coming out of a veggie dip bowl (this is ridiculous!

red velvet strawberry shortcake - stunning for the holidays!

very PINteresting {desserts}

Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake- I made a four layer cake. Two layers of red velvet and two layers of white cake. I started with the red velvet, added a fluffy layer of whipped cream, then a bunch of diced strawberries.

nanaimo (nuh-NYE-mo) bars...a canadian specialty. you will just have to make a batch and try them to know what i am talking about. totally worth the steps involved. AMAZING.

Nanaimo Bars Recipe & Video - Joyofbaking- Delicious, best kept in the freezer

Awesome Lumberjack Cake. I'd like to interrupt your Monday morning drudgery to present you with this impossibly important lumberjack cake. As you can see, the outside looks like a tree stump, while the inside of the cake looks like a red flannel shirt straight out of a Woolrich catalog. The cake is topped with an ax made out of fondant. So rugged. So manly.

This Lumberjack Cake Is Actually Blowing My Mind

i am canadian

Little red crochet mittens hanging on a branch with some white maple leaves. Looking ready for christmas/holidays

Canada Day 2012

Canada Day inspiration: 25 DIY ideas, crafts, printables and recipes for July 1st

Cheer on Team Canada: Strawberries dipped in white chocolate make for a sweet way to display our national colours.

I Am Canadian

I Am Canadian Rant - performed by Canadian actor Jeff Douglas and directed by American, Kevin Donovan, but written by a Canadian, Glen Hunt. The commercial won an advertising industry Gold Quill award in