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Kerry-Ann Ingram is a certified reiki master, business and life coach, mindset shifter, digital marketer and writer. Kerry-Ann helps female entrepreneurs develop a strong mindset to release their fears and take action on their big dreams and ideas to achieve massive success in all areas of their lives.   Kerry-Ann's one-on-one life and business success coaching program is personalised and tailored to you. and I will support you with whatever your heart wants to create, change or shift.

Kerry-Ann is a life and business coach who provides one-on-one personalised coaching to give you in the moment solutions when you need it the most.



What is Reiki? Rei, meaning Universal or Higher power Ki, meaning Life Force Energy Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Kerry-Ann Ingram is a virtual Reiki Master/Healer, Spiritual Coach & Meditation Teacher based out of Toronto Canada.


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