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Alberta, Canada

Abandoned grain elevator in southern Alberta Canada.

The Canadian Army...

You can’t deny it would be effective…

Canadians with hockey sticks. I am Canadian and this is so true it's insane, even when you give little old ladies hockey sticks they will turn into blood thirsty monsters

Canada has only 0.5% of the world's population, but its landmass contains approximately 7% of the world's renewable water supply.

Very Clear Water

This is how it looks when you put your hand in the ultra-clear water of the Flathead Lake in the USA! I was wondering what was wrong with his hand then I realized it's in water. I've never seen water that clear.

Making sweet, scrumptious Canadian maple syrup.

Making Maple Syrup, Canada- could use this concept for any camp fire- love the log chains


The Bluenose, the Nova Scotia fishing schooner launched in Lunenburg in pulled in record catches and had a unbeaten streak in the and on canadian dime mcaskill photographs boat ship yacht sailboat canada

Nova Scotia, Canada

Balancing Rock, Nova Scotia, Canada -- wonder how many men have considered climbing up so they could push it off.

The crimes, while horrid, are still way less frequent than in the United States: | 38 Reasons Everything Is Way Better In Canada

Canadian Crime Scene, A Double-Double Homicide. For those of you who don't know-- a Tim Hortons coffee with two creams and two sugars is called a double-double.

Monsanto's seed imperialism halted in Canada thanks to massive protests

Monsanto's Seed Imperialism Halted In Canada Thanks To Massive Protests/Grassroots Activism [ARTICLE]