Native Artworks

A hybrid cross of traditional native artwork and science-fiction/fantasy, enjoy
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Loon landing by Kevin Anderson |

Loon landing by Kevin Anderson

Wolf Shawldancer

A Shawldancer enjoying her dance with symbol of wolfpaw on her dress and her colours

The Ever-Watching Pure One's

Everwaching spirits adapting to the changes of mankind and speaking at the council of souls and helping if they ascend or not

Strong Eagle

Anishnawbe Spirit called upon to protect oneself from bad spirits and enemies and for strenght to fight

The Healer

One of the little ones faerie folk from aboriginal legends

Eagle catching dinner

Eagle at the apex of catching dinner as it jumps in the background is the watchful eye of the spirit of Earth

Spirit of Earth

Spirit of Earth representing strength and courage

Spirit of Air

Spirit of Air represents wisdom and ability to adapt to changing society

Awakening the Giant

An unforgotten age when man could be communicate with the animals and the earth as we are the guardians it will awaken again

Dremcatcher's New Guardian

Mix between traditional native artwork and scifi

Shawl Dancer

Inspired by one of the dancers walking by during Aboriginal Day Festivals at the Forks Winnipeg