Expose your kids to the French language with this audio/visual guide to the French alphabet.

Learning the ABC’s is a great way for kids to get familiar with a new language. To help your child learn French, we created these fun French alphabet animal flashcards with audio from French …

Le bistrot du français: Le passé composé (I)

Le bistrot du français: Le passé composé (I)

Le bistrot du français: Le passé composé (I) Keywords grouped by theme

10 Phrases the French Love Saying

10 French Phrases the French Love Saying Revealed!

Most competitors take only one angle with their learning approach. Where the Rocket Express Learning System® is different is that we don’t force a square peg into a round hole, we have specifically provided for a variety of learning styles.

Masculin et féminin des adjectifs qualificatifs

Infographic showing the patterns of irregular adjectives (making them masculine to feminine).

Je vous présente le 1er jeu dune longue série pour travailler spécifiquement sur un phonème. Il...

Le jeu du serpent (La classe de Luccia !)

activité pour utiliser le passé composé.

Activité / le passé composé

Stories for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Spanish language learners.

Caperucita Roja- The Spanish version of "Little Red Riding Hood." Kids who speak Spanish get a kick out of reading out loud in Spanish (consider this for a fluency client).