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a chair with a blanket on the floor next to it and a cup in front of it
Bali Interiors
Beautiful handmade products for your bedroom #interior #homedecor #bali #style #homeware #outdoorliving
the kitchen is being remodeled with all white cabinets
Sweet sweet progress ✨ Can’t wait to share this project’s before and afters with you guys. It’s going to be such a dramatic change for this family! What started out as a small project of changing out cabinet doors and hardware ended up in a full kitchen and living renovation with new cabinetry, new countertops, new backsplash, a brand new island, some new appliances, new sink, faucet and hardware! Not to mention the living space which has an all new custom TV built in and brand new furnishings
two hands holding wood pieces on top of each other
We’re back out and about and SO SO thankful! Team meetings at @dillonamberdane, site meetings all over the island, sample meetings with vendors and client meetings for projects happening now! These samples are some of the many we were looking at for #ProjectHH222’s kitchen! Thanks to the @dillonamberdane team for their awesome work as usual, though we opted for a different finish, DillonAmberDane always has the endless options! ✨
the interior of a clothing store with many items on display
Peep the little home decor finds at @islandstoriesbarbados ✨ they have the cutest little additions sourced from all over the world! . . . . I worked on this project closely with the client while I was at GSA! Stunning little space and so so much fun working with clients who love to get their hands dirty and also be creative! ✨
a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel stove top oven in front of the microwave
Cheeky little kitchen addition today! ✨. . Had some wood left over from a few other projects so we made about four of these picture ledges. Great because they are only about 4” deep, and can go on all those smaller walls around your home to display things without looking too heavy! . I painted this one black cause... why not... while the others got a coat of white and I’ll show you those soon ✨. . This space above my (ugly) stove has been used for so many different things - hanging of pots, hang
two people are holding glasses with water and green leaves in them on a wooden tray
Propagated some of my pothos today in hopes to make three more! Turning into quite the plant lady! These are fab indoor plants that I always recommend to clients because they are super low maintenance (probs why they’re still alive in my house) and look awesome on a shelf as they pour over and hang ✨ Will keep you posted on these babies! #plantmum
three white crocheted dishes on a table
I visited an old project #ProjectCapri5 that I did the other day and it’s so nice to see your work moulding and meshing with family keepsakes as time passes. It’s a rare opportunity that we as designers have, to revisit old projects once being lived in, but it’s great fun! You see the space come alive in a new light, one that is imperfectly perfect. These coral pieces were amongst my fave of the wall decor chosen for this project with strong sense of texture but a soft presence through colour
a bottle of alcohol sitting on top of a glass table next to a wine glass
It’s Friday and lord knows rosé is in order ✨ My mumma @artflostudiobb gifted me this sweet table for my birthday, and I love this shot of it 😊 now it sits in my bedroom, but I thought I’d share some love so if you don’t follow her yet, you most certainly should! She creates some awesome resin pieces, including home decor 🤍 Happy Friday everyone!
two white pillows sitting on top of a bed next to a blue vase and plant
What my office today looks like ✨ . . Just kidding, but sometimes I feel like I get the most done in my bed! Laptop on my lap, papers all over my bed, it’s a whole bunch of curated chaos! (It also sometimes has the opposite effect and I don’t want to do a thing!) All jokes aside though, I am thankful for the clients that have been keeping me busy the first week of this month, I hope it continues as we step back into a little bit of normalcy! ✨🤍 . . #interiors #interiordesign #interiordecor #des
a white shelf with two framed pictures and a quote on the wall above it that says i believe in pink, i believe that laughing is the best calorie
A little Audrey Hepburn realness in my guest bathroom for ya! ✨ . . . . #interiors #interiordesign #interiordecor #design #decor #barbados #barbadosdesigner #interiordesigner #barbadosdesign #barbadosdecor #trendy #tropical #residential #residentialdesign #residentialdecor #commercialdesign #commercialdecor #designvibes #homedesign #homedecor #interiorlovers #interiorstylist #homeenvy #homestyle #homeinspo
a baby in a cardboard house made to look like it is smiling
For all those who guessed playhouse to that giant box I was crafting with the other day, you were correct! (It was mostly my mummas in quarantine who have been doing similar activities with their babas) But this one was for a very special first birthday and her birthday is today! Happy First Birthday Lily!🤍 Such an awesome (and environmentally friendly!) playhouse, one her parents can dispose of without feeling guilty when she’s outgrown it! Fully equipped with some fairy lights, and even a li
a brown and white dog laying on top of a cement floor next to a wooden frame
Happy Hump Day! I’m up and moving early today - woohoo! ✨ For AGES I’ve been dying to get rid of our deck furniture which has been fixed and painted and fixed again and has been here since this was my family home 10+ years ago. Finallyyyy (thanks to quarantine) I designed and began building my new furniture! It’s superrrr simple and I decided on two L shaped sofas which mirror each other on opposite sides of my deck, with removable end pieces that act as single chairs when I have guests over! Be
a kitchen sink under a window next to a counter with a potted plant on it
Happy Sunday! As life would have it, this weekend I was planning to lay out in the sun and take a moment to relax a little, do a little creative work around the house buttttt, my kitchen sink had other plans. Thank god for a handy step father and brother with all the tools under the sun because we had to replace a sink and faucet instead! Of course the ones in stock were bigger than the existing (I’m not complaining about the bigger sink!) so there was tiling grinding, frame cutting, and a who
the bathroom is decorated in white and has wooden shelves on the wall above the toilet
✨STUDIO STORIES - THE FRIDAY FORUM! ✨ . (Live More. Worry Less. #TRYING) . Tomorrow is our first Feature Friday and we are calling this series #TheFridayForum! We’re talking all things that inspire us whether it be people, places or things, and we are sharing all the goodies via IGTV and on our new BLOG! (Yes, blog, I said it) . Studio Stories is the home of our Blog on our website! ( www.kfbdesignstudio.com ) and you can find it on one of the tabs at the top! This is where you are going to fin
a white potted plant sitting on top of a table
Not going to lie, the last two days for me have been super unproductive. I’ve been feeling unmotivated to create, unmotivated to tick off more of my long list of things to do around the house, unmotivated to even clean (unlike the typical OCD me!). How’s everyone else holding up? Any tips to get back on track?! On the bright side, it’s Earth Day, and for the first time in ages, our planet is actually getting a break, so yay for that! I’ve also incorporated more plants around my home, bringing th
three light switch plates mounted to the side of a wall with white flowers on them
Hung my DIY babies up in my drab-to-fab spare bathroom! I love them in here and I’ll show you the rest of the bathroom soon soon soon! I’m a firm believer in keeping things that could have potential even though you have no designated spot for them, these old mirrors (and you can swipe to see what they looked like) have been in a cupboard for almost 6 years. I mean, I did forget they were there, but I’m glad I found them and gave them a facelift because this bathroom wall would be bare without t
a person standing in front of a table made out of wood sticks and branches with their feet on the table
Happy Sunday! I’ve spent all day in my spare bathroom repainting the walls and my mahogany coloured vanity and mirror - they’re all getting a fresh coat of white paint! This is something I was meaning to do for ages, and of course as I went to do it I didn’t have what I needed - thank god for hardware stores reopening! I placed an order with @cartersbarbados and collected it with absolute ease and efficiency. I got just what I needed and my bathroom should be going from drab to fab over the co
a small dog is sniffing a tin of tea on the floor next to a person's hand
Today is a good day ✨ If anyone knows me, knows I LOVE candles. I light them in my house everyday - & I got it from my mumma! Over the last few days, both of us ran out of our candles, and a friend put me onto @thepoppy.shoppe - a small local business supplying @bathandbodyworks candles - our faves! So I messaged them, got their inventory list, decided on 6 different ones and in less than 12 hours they delivered to my home! I LOVE supporting small businesses in these times, and Jason was so e
a wooden desk topped with a computer keyboard and mouse next to a gold cup filled with pencils
Wow you guys! So so many of you voted yes to a feature Friday of some kind! I’m super excited, so here’s to planning the first one! PS - I need your help naming this series! Something cute, fun, catchy! ✨ Think Studio / Creative / Friday / Stories / Feature / Fun and comment below (or DM if you’re shy) what you think! I’ll randomly choose three and set up a little friendly voting competition later this week! 🤍🤍
a wooden bench with a plant on top of it
So all this quarantining and time being stuck (safe!) in my house has me painting walls, moving things around, making videos, DIY’ing, completely restyling, reorganizing and a whole other ton of things I typically wouldn’t or couldn’t ‘find the time’ to do before. Reflecting on that, it’s a bit sad! All these things are things I enjoy doing and things that make me happy, they make my home beautiful which in turn makes me feel safe and I’ve definitely grown to love the space I’m in even more usi
a bed with two pillows and a lamp on the side table in front of it
It’s just one of those days and I wish I was with my family! This lockdown is getting super annoying and lonely. BUT doing my best to just enjoy each day. Happy Easter Monday everyone! ✨ . Take some time to rest, relax and try to do something that makes you happy ✨ . . Chances are I’ll get through one or two episodes and I’ll be up cleaning or reorganizing something in this house, but for now... find me here! ✨
eggs with faces drawn on them in an egg carton next to some speckled eggs
Happy happy Easter everyone! 🐰🤍 . . How CUTE are these eggs?! Thanks Pinterest! Maybe I’ll paint some today seeing as I’ve painted just about everything else 😂😩 . . Seriously though, today we probably had plans spending time with family and friends, and thanks to COVID-19 some of us may not be, but hopefully we can all still enjoy the day! Wishing you love and laughter ✨
some jars are sitting on a counter with pictures and other items around them, including an empty sign that says smile with the rising sun
Did some kitchen countertop decluttering and a bit of simple styling for a video coming your way soon! Just because it’s your kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t have decor! Just choose things that are functional as well as beautiful, and always choose pieces you love! ✨ Happy Friday Everyone!
three potted cacti are sitting on a shelf in front of a sign
A little morning sweetness because these mini pots I painted last night came out so stinking cuteeeee! 🤍 . . . #interiors #interiordesign #interiordecor #design #decor #barbados #barbadosdesigner #interiordesigner #barbadosdesign #barbadosdecor #trendy #tropical #residential #residentialdesign #residentialdecor #commercialdesign #commercialdecor #designvibes #homedesign #homedecor #interiorlovers #interiorstylist #homeenvy #homestyle #homeinspo
a potted plant sitting on top of a white shelf next to a bookshelf
Goooooood morning ✨ Today I’m brainstorming some short video ideas for an awesome little collab coming your way soon! Being infront the camera chatting away is something I’m not typically used to, but hey, no time like the present to step out of my comfort zone! I’ll be able to share with you more soon soon soon, but in the meantime, is there anything interiors related that you all want to see? Perhaps I can incorporate into these small videos! . . • Tips and tricks? DIY’s? Organization ideas?
an apple computer sitting on top of a wooden desk
WFH - Something you have been seeing a lot amiright? But working from home isn’t easy! Especially if you are not used to it. You now have so many distractions and things that seem way more important (or easier) to do than to sit at your computer or task at hand. Before COVID-19, I began working from home again, and I made sure to set up a routine from the start so that I didn’t fall into laziness. But setting up my space was where the fun was at ☺️😏 . ✨ Set up a space in a well lit part of yo
a drawing of a plant on the wall
I have been loving all the ways you are getting #CREATIVEINQUARANTINE and by you spreading the love and creativity, we’re getting others in on getting creative too! Part of me becoming #CREATIVEINQUARANTINE caused me to paint a wall on my patio for no good reason. I love it though 🥰 Can’t wait to see how you all get creative in week two! ❤️
a person holding up a framed print with the words are it aries written in cursive writing
Happy April everyone ✨ I live for April! April is my birth month and for some reason my favourite month! (Not because of my birthday - I simply love it) #ProudAries Though my birthday plans for this weekend have been totally smashed, I’m really looking forward to celebrating and seeing my gyal and guy pals when we’re all out of this mess. It’s going to be like Christmas and birthday all wrapped into one! This little piece, my friend @ohutch gave me for my birthday a few years back, and I love i
a couch with two pillows on top of it next to a table and flower vase
Tips on a quarantine Tuesday! With little to no waiting area for this spa, we utilized the small hallway from the entry to the spa itself, making it a bit more warm and inviting for guests to sit and wait for a few moments if they needed to. If you have a smaller space or hallway, you can still create interest using large artwork as the focal point and mixing in some nice textured pieces though they may be smaller in scale! Play with your tones and patterns as well for a soft marrying of every