Winter Landscape with Pink House - Harris Lawren

Looks great - from a distance. Lawren Harris - Winter Landscape with Pink House, 1918 (Canadian artist from the Group of Seven.

Sati - Bose Nandalal

An Indian Modernist - The New York Times > Art & Design > Slide Show > Slide 3 of 12 Sati by Nandalal Bose

Phedre - Cabanel Alexandre

Alexandre Cabanel Phedre painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Alexandre Cabanel Phedre painting is available at custom size.

Italian Midday - Bryullov Karl

Italian Midday Karl Bryullov Original Title: Итальянский полдень Date: 1827 Style: Romanticism Genre: portrait Media: oil, canvas Tags: female-portraits

The Glade - Stewart Julius LeBlanc

starxgoddess: The Glade, 1900 (oil on canvas) by Stewart, Julius Leblanc

Yachting in the Mediterranean - Stewart Julius LeBlanc

spoutziki-art: “ Julius LeBlanc Stewart, Yachting in the Mediterranean, 1896 ”

Ships - Bogaevsky Konstantin

Ships, 1912 by Konstantin Bogaevsky.

Interior from Strandgade with Sunlight on the Floor - Hammershoi Vilhelm

Vilhelm Hammershøi - Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor, 1901

The Golden Temple, Amritsar - Edwin Lord Weeks

From his travels, American artist Edwin Lord Weeks created some spectacular art.

Nightfall - Landfield Ronnie

Nightfall - Artist: Ronnie Landfield Completion Date: 1994 Style: Lyrical Abstraction Genre: abstract painting