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Curling Cake ~ October 2011

" Curling House Round Circular Cake With Mini-Fondant Moulded Stones & Brushes circa October 2011

curling fashion

Curling origins begin in Scotland in Curling was introduced to America in the by Scottish soldiers. There are 135 curling clubs in the United States mostly found in northern states.

Vintage Embroidered Sweater Vest with Curling Figures by DellaRuth

Vintage Embroidered Wool Sweater Vest with Curling Figures Navy Blue Canadian…

curling sweater

curling sweater I say chaps what a gorgeous black and white photo of an ancient curler

Learn and perfect the art of curling.

” - Curling Cat when asked about if he was competing in Sochi derplodge:bunnyfood:(via juliasegal)

Curling. Duh.

Viking pride - too adorable!

Curling is fashion...

Every curler wants a pair of those pants.