This is my all time favourite roller from Saje! Roll on lower abdomen in a clock wise motion and rub oil in. You can dab a drop on your finger and lick it as well for immediate digestion relieve. This product is amazing!

Put away the tissues and reach for this soothing and comforting kit, designed to bring relief to the body with natural ingredients that help ease sniffle and allergy symptoms.

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This fortifying blend will help you in your wellness walk by relieving allergy symptoms, including respiratory troubles from allergic rhinitis and minor skin irritations.

When your stomach is less than happy with you, apologize with Digest Remetea. Soothing peppermint and licorice come together to relieve an irritated tummy.

Get back in the game and reward your hardworking muscles with this calming bath salt soak.

Re-energize your body and mind and wake up your senses with the enlivening blend of green tea, yerba mate and gingko biloba.

Cozy up to a cup of this remedial loose leaf tea that will give your body a natural boost to help you stay strong and well. Formulated with lemon myrtle, ginger and lemon to help you feel supported and comforted, inside and out.