personalized canada day tee

DIY Canada flag T-shirt.I have to make this for Aunt Wanda's Canada Day Party!

Strawberry Shortbread Trifle - great for canada day!

Flour Me With Love: Strawberry Shortbread Trifle! If you luuuuv strawberries and you luuuv shortbread this trifle is for YOU!

Beaver Cupcakes for Canada Day

all-time favourite dessert recipes

Canada Day Jello Jigglers

Circular peanut butter sandwiches with red maple leaf apple slices plus a bowl of vanilla yogurt with maple sprinkles (and maple leaf Jell-o jigglers for dessert).

Canada Day shirt tutorial

Canada Day T-shirt Tutorial

Canada Day Nanaimo Bar Cheesecake

Canada Day Nanaimo Bar Cheesecake - I love Nanaimo Bars and I love cheesecake. I think I've found heaven.