Kimberlee Murphy

Kimberlee Murphy

Digby, NS  ·  I have a serious addiction to pinning.
Kimberlee Murphy
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"Powerful Spoken Word Of The Week: The World Is Coming To An End!"

I put this in because all of Prince Ea's messages hit home. This young man lifts my spirit every time I listen to him. Please listen to all his videos you will be amazed.

Carrot Sandwich Cookies with Orange Cream Cheese Filling - Self Proclaimed Foodie

Carrot Sandwich Cookies with Orange Cream Cheese Filling - Self Proclaimed Foodie. Done: soooo amazing! I used fresh carrots and grated them myself. Gave it such a fresh savory flavor that's balanced out by the sweet cream cheese.

3 Ingredient Apple Danish Recipe - 3 ingredient recipes

Sweet snacks or savoury, dessert and even dinner, frozen puff pastry is one of those handy ingredients that just keeps on giving. Easy, delicious puff pastry recipes, all gathered together to make your mouth water and your menu planning easier.

As part of Sugar-Free September, we bring you one of Sarah's most popular recipes; the Meffin.   The Meffin is a savoury meat muffin, full of hearty protein to curb sugar cravings.

This Mexican Nacho Meffins recipe is a meat muffin with a Mexican twist, including a kick of spice to rev up your metabolism. - - make with soy crumbles. A cute dinner idea that my parents would probably love!

There's No Place Like Nova Scotia by The G3s

The song "Farewell to Nova Scotia" is well known to Atlantic Canadians and has served as our unofficial anthem here in Nova Scotia. Our band, The decid.