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Maria Hill made her first appearance in Marvel Comics New Avengers in Here’s S.D. Agent Maria Hill as played by Cobie Smulders!

How can you not love himym

"Robin, just - I appreciate your help, but there's a reason your name is Robin, not Batman." -Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother

oh hahaha

Funny pictures about Geek pick-up line. Oh, and cool pics about Geek pick-up line. Also, Geek pick-up line photos.

Oh how I love mean girls references

too funny :) Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte -- Mean Girls reference the look on Ryan lochtes face lol

nostalgia at its finest: String Theory Performance - "Circle of Life"

You only graduate once, and this is *the* way to do it. North Penn High School Class of String Theory Performance - "Circle of Life." Two words: classically awesome-sauce.

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