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Kim Crowe

Kim Crowe
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While Anna's mid-century house has a fair share of closets, they weren't exactly outfitted to store much stuff

Take the Side Street: A Custom Closet on the Cheap- the kiddos closets will be of the one rod variety and ive already informed craig that they will all be updated ;) so here are some super cheap fairly easy plans

15 DIY Sharpie Mug Projects There are a lot of great craft projects out there there in “Creative Land” but none of them are quite as frugal as the DIY Sharpie Mug. All you need for these projects is some plain mugs which are easily found at just about any dollar store for…well a dollar […]

Give as gifts or make for yourself with one of the must frugal DIY projects! This collection of Sharpie mug ideas are fun to make and give!

a super easy recipe for making lactation cookies to boost mama's milk supply + give her a boost of energy!

The best recipe for lactation cookies out there - great for upping mama's milk supply + a great one handed energy snack for busy new moms!

Grab & GO Caprese Salad IN-A-JAR

Grab-and-go caprese salad in mason jars! Place the dressing first, then tomatoes, then mozzarella, then spinach and finally basil. This ensures that the spinach and basil don't get soggy and the salad stays fresh for a few days. DON'T FORGET YOUR PROTEIN!