Transforming our Learning Environment into a Space of Possibilities: On Display: Fellow Blogger and FDK Educator, Sergio Pascucci

I love this idea of showing the kids work and having their handwriting on the wall.

this kindergarten life: Making Learning Visible: Fostering Reflective TeachingPracticesThroughDocumentation - an inspiring guest shares her view of learning along with children.

"Documentation is not just what we collect, it's the practice of how we observe." Daniel Wilson (see Visible Learners ) Yesterday I wro.

this kindergarten life: Artfully engaging play

A visual metaphor for my impulse upon entering the beautiful play space set up at a ThinkinEd thinkshop.

this kindergarten life: ordinary magic: ice inquiry, part 2

Last week I began to tell the story of why ice has meant so much to the learning journey in our class this year and over several years.

Musings on what really matters, from a valued friend (Tessa Heffernan, guest post on blog).

musings on what really matters, from a valued friend

this kindergarten life: how do you say hello? A project that started with "Chao!"

This is the story of a project born out of a spark, as are so many in our class. The spark was not something entirely new in our routin.

York Region Nature Collaborative

Building a movement in which every child has the right to meaningful outdoor experiences that invite them to play, learn, and explore their place in nature every day.

this kindergarten life: Looking closely at what went wrong… and right, with our provocation

This story began early in April and was first shared, in part, on the "Looking Closely Collaboration" .

why not join in the international online photographic project?

Through the Eyes of the Child project started by Suzanne at Interaction Imagination

this kindergarten life: what learning doth a puddle offer?

I met Nadine Osborne this summer at YRNC 's week-long " The Rhythm of Learning in Nature " course. In my role as one of the facilitators f.

this kindergarten life: looking for the big picture - musings on documentation

A quote that stood out when I watched the "Learning Stories" video. The photo is from my class of three years ago, with some of the fir.

this kindergarten life: a lightbulb moment

A girl takes a picture of the project that started as an invitation to make music with water glasses, but quickly took a tangent to revol.

this kindergarten life: it began with a bottle cap - a story of beautiful stuff

This past week was our March Break. It was a wonderful week, full of short trips with the kids and meet-ups with family and friends, such as.