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Behind the scenes into the creation of the illustrations, paintings and writing for my Stone Guardians fantasy book series. Content from my blog and website pages.
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Kindrie Grove FantasyBooks&Art on Instagram: "Almost complete….

There are only a handful of details left to paint on this epic life-sized canvas of Rowan and Torrin on the walls of Pellaris. 

I began this painting last summer and have been working on it on and off since.  It is timely because we are planning a kickstarter to create hardcover versions of the books and will likely split up each 700-800 plus page book into two volumes. 

This painting will be featured on the cover of Book one’s second volume entitled Keeper’s Burden….so excited!

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Go behind the scenes with Canadian fantasy author and fine artist, with an excerpt from Book Two of The Stone Guardians and a look at the creation of the illustration, In Search of the Last Stone Guardian.
Canadian artist and fantasy author Kindrie Grove, has developed a unique and storied illustration style for her epic fantasy novel series, entitled The Stone Guardians. Sink into the soft layers of graphite and white pencil crayon on toned paper, depicting scenes and characters from her fantasy universe.

The Stone Guardians Illustrations

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Book one of The Stone Guardians is an epic, high fantasy, sword and sorcery adventure, featuring a master swordswoman and the band of heroes she joins forces with.
The first three volumes of The Stone Guardians, Canadian author/artist Kindrie Grove's epic illustrated page-turning fantasy book series. Available through Amazon and Kindrie's official Stone Guardians website. Visit to read writing excerpts and see more of her unique illustrations.
The Defender of Myris Dar, an illustrated fantasy adventure novella. Epub re-flowable version featuring the main character of Rowan from The Stone Guardians book series by Kindrie Grove

The Stone Guardians Fantasy Books and Art

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