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@Hannah Millar Torgersen guess what this is about!!

35 Nerdy Cards Against Humanity Cards To Add To Your Deck - love this game So have to play this at the party. Already creating new Supernatural cards to the deck.

No not true  this video was released during the first movie

*starts crying*omg that is so sad but so awesome help me I don't know what to think >>> ikr. I watched it and this is correct. I gasped when she found the mockingjay pin!

May I present to you, The Walking Dead fandom  *Claps from the random households who watch the show* Thank you, thank you.

blueeyedmenace: The walking dead// Rick Grimes dad jokes I SHOULDN’T LAUGH AT THIS BUT OH LAWD this is the post that has cheered me up LMAO I always picture him just screaming these things at Carl whenever I read them. Never not funny!

Much better

Can someone just take my copies of these books and make all these changes so I can read them without crying? Cause seriously. Finnick, Prim, Rue, and much more people died! And these books left my heart broken!