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two chairs in different colors and sizes, one is white and the other is blue
Ariel Steel by Davis
Davis' Ariel Steel Collection includes a counter-height chair and barstool-height stool, both specifically designed for outdoor spaces. The perforated steel back allows you to keep cool while enjoying the warm weather. #outdoorseating #moderndesign
a glass table with two chairs and a vase on the top, in front of a gray wall
Ginko Rope by Davis Furniture
Ginko Rope by Davis Furniture, is a modern take on the classic Ginko chair. Compatible for indoor or outdoor settings, this collection includes a chair, barstool and lounge. Currently available with a 4 week lead time, the Ginko Rope is the perfect outdoor seating option for any space. #outdoorseating #indoorseating #design #modern
three plant stands with plants in them on the floor
Bonh | Davis Furniture
Let your green space bloom with Bonh by @DavisFurniture! A cascading collection of planters, Bonh’s modern, geometric shapes were created to starkly contrast with an infinite variety of plants used to bring the outdoors in. The biophilic design subsequently contributes to the overall health and well-being of the occupants while also providing a striking visual to any interior. #Bonh #DavisFurniture #Planter #PlantHolder #Interior #Design
An outdoor chair made of blue rope Fresh, Classic, Outdoor, Davis Furniture, Chair Design, Bar Stools, Chair, Residential Interior
Ginkgo Rope | Davis Furniture
#outdoor #chair #chairdesign #davisfurniture #ropechair #seating
two white chairs and a table with plants on it
Ariel Steel Barstool | Davis Furniture
Ariel Steel Barstool | Chair Design | Davis Furniture | Outdoor | Barstool Seating | Ariel Seating Collection | Sustainable Design
two chairs and a table on a patio with plants in the corner next to it
Ginkgo Rope | Davis Furniture
Ginkgo Rope | Davis Furniture | Outdoor | Office Design | Chair Design | Seating Inspiration |
a round table with two metal legs and a wooden top on an isolated white background
Davis Furniture
a hat is sitting on top of two wooden sticks with a white background behind it
Davis Furniture
an open umbrella is sitting on a stand next to a blue chair in a white room
Davis Furniture
a blue curved object is hanging on the wall
Davis Furniture
two black tables sitting on top of each other
Valet | Davis Furniture
four tables with different shapes and sizes on them, all in various colors from black to white
Davis Furniture
a blue office chair sitting on top of a metal frame wheel casteor leg base
Sachet Guest | Davis Furniture
a black chair sitting on top of a rug next to a table and two lamps
A-Lounge and Hans Table