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an office chair in front of a desk with a monitor on it
EC5 Series
Nightingale Corp's luxurious EC5 is a premium executive chair designed to be bold. With its comfortable ergonomic support and sleek chrome arms, the EC5 is a chair that commands attention. #premiumquality #ergonomicchair #officechairs #conferenceseating
two orange chairs sitting next to a tall plant
Helen by Nightingale
Contemporary. Social. Inspiring. Ideal for collaboration and impromptu meetings. The Helen from Nightingale Corp fuels startup culture by creating comfortable lounge spaces that foster spontaneous, natural interactions.
an office chair sitting in front of a desk with a computer monitor on top of it
EC6 Series
Nightingale Chairs - EC6 Series #chair #officedesignideas #seating #nightingale #ec6 #officechair
a blue chair sitting in front of a dentist's chair
Nightingale Chairs Stool 1000
two orange chairs sitting next to each other in front of a painting on the wall
Cricket II by Nightingale Chairs
an office desk with chairs and laptops on it
Simple design and function allows the user to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Its modern look fits perfectly in any office or conference setting.
a yellow chair with black frame and arms
Cricket II
From @nightingalechairs, your everything chair is here: Cricket II! Practical, durable, stackable, and comfortable, it serves a wide-range of functions and spaces. No matter your need, the Cricket II will surpass it!