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an outdoor seating area with green plants on the wall and blue couches in front
Introducing Catwalk, Versteel's versatile lounge seating solution. Catwalk provides a meaningful outlet for collaboration, creativity and comfort. #loungeseating #comfort #mixandmatch #customize
the words kirstenss on a white background with blue and green letters in it
Showroom Now Open!
Kirsten Sales Showroom Now Open! Visits are by appointment only. Please contact Kim directly: or 416-453-0127
a person holding an iphone in their hand with the caption poppy ditch the cables
Poppy from ECA by Dekko
Ditch the cables and easily charge your device with the Qi wireless charger, Poppy from ECA by Dekko!
three plant stands with plants in them on the floor
Bonh | Davis Furniture
Let your green space bloom with Bonh by @DavisFurniture! A cascading collection of planters, Bonh’s modern, geometric shapes were created to starkly contrast with an infinite variety of plants used to bring the outdoors in. The biophilic design subsequently contributes to the overall health and well-being of the occupants while also providing a striking visual to any interior. #Bonh #DavisFurniture #Planter #PlantHolder #Interior #Design
two white chairs and a table with plants on it
Ariel Steel Barstool | Davis Furniture
Ariel Steel Barstool | Chair Design | Davis Furniture | Outdoor | Barstool Seating | Ariel Seating Collection | Sustainable Design
three red benches sitting next to each other in front of a glass building with plants growing on them
Frovi - Designers of distinctive furniture.
Osti Cloud | Outdoor Furniture from Frovi Design | Industrial Design | CoWorking
three different colored stools sitting next to each other
Rho Ottomans
an office desk with two drawers and a cabinet in the middle, next to it
three tables and two chairs in a room with large windows
#baja #nucraft #furniture #table #tabledesign #officedesign #homeoffice #interior
an assortment of modern furniture in a living room
Rho | Davis Furniture
Rho by Davis Furniture #hipawards #seating #lounge #loungechair #chairdesign #coworking #aesthetic #comfort
two tables with one black table and one white table in the same direction, on a plain background
Davis Furniture
Lift Bench from Davis Furniture #table #officedesign #davisfurniture
three chairs around a table with a laptop on it
Davis Furniture
Lightwork by Davis Furniture #lightwork #davisfurniture #design #officedesigninspo #seating #seatingdesign #coworking #wfh #officechair