The natural rock pools in Pamukkale, Turkey

The Natural Rock Pools - Pamukkale, Turkey. When I actually lived in Turkey I never went to Pamukkale - a fact I've always regretted and need to rectify!

Guests can relax on the sun loungers or swim around the aquatic slice of paradise in Fiji

There is actually a floating pizzeria in the turquoise ocean!

Cloud 9 is a floating restaurant of dreams just off the coast of Fiji, which not only serves pizza dishes but even provides cocktails for your time aboard.

Among the many ice caves, there is even a chapel so people can get married in the heart of glacier

World's largest man-made ice cave opens in Iceland

Embark on an exciting journey into the world´s largest man-made ice cave! A once in a lifetime adventure, this tour takes you around, onto and into the second largest glacier in Europe, Langjökull in West Iceland.