Jolly Rancher Suckers... 200 degrees for 5 minutes!!!

Homemade Jolly Rancher Lollipops

Jolly Rancher suckers--my kids are always begging me to eat Jolly Ranchers, but I won't let them for fear of choking. This is awesome! 200 degrees for 5 minutes!

Caterpillar cupcakes

Adorable idea for a birthday party cake.a centipede made with cup cakes. Very colorful and fun Adorable idea for a birthday party cake.a centipede made with cup cakes. Very colorful and fun

cake letters with sticks of gum!

DIY :: last minute cake decoration :: letters with sticks of gum. So I noticed it because it had my name of course but who has that much gum on hand?

Garden Party Cupcakes

Now THIS is a garden party! Garden Party Cupcakes (Woman's Day) So cute for dessert (after enjoying some fresh picked salad and roasted veggie dishes from your garden).

Teddy bear toast.

Teddy bear toast

Want to have this for breakfast when I'm home! :D Teddy Bear Toast ~ add Nutella or Peanut Butter, Banana Slices and Raisins. For a lunch option, make a sandwich and use peanut butter as the glue for the bananas and raisin decorations.

sugar doilies!

Very pretty way to sweeten your tea! 24 Edible White Lace Rosettes Doilies 3 inch by SweetDejaVu


Funny pictures about Cookie Monster cookies. Oh, and cool pics about Cookie Monster cookies. Also, Cookie Monster cookies photos.

Bunny Butt Cake- this Easter cake dessert is almost too cute to eat and super easy to make. No wonder it's one of our top Easter recipes!

Bunny Butt Cake

Think this oh-so-cute bunny butt cake is too complicated to make? The Betty Crocker editors walk you through the whole process step by step, including play-by-play photos! No wonder this is one of our most highly rated Easter recipes.

Christmas Party Idea.

queso y cherries Christmas Party Idea . this would be cute with cheese and grapes (redish!) ♥got an idea to do this with strawberries and chunked angel food cake to make it a sweet holiday party idea.

recycled book pages to little house chandelier

Magic Paper House light by Hutch Studio. Can this be done as a DIY project?

lemon butterfly cupcakes from woman's day

Lemon Butterfly Cakes

Lemon Butterfly Cakes: Lemon zest and candy butterfly wings are the keys to these cheery cupcakes by Bakerella. Click through to discover more easy decorating ideas for the best Easter cakes.