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Katherine Martin

Katherine Martin
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happy bangs and braids

I love this portrait! Everything from the floral blouse, her hairstyle, and the silly/joyful expression on her face. I would love to have some fun portraits like this for my website!

Use lotion or glue and put it around your nails  before painting the take it off after painting

Apply lotion around nail, paint nails, use a q-tip to remove nail polish out of place! The polish wont stick to the areas where lotion are! I get polish everywhere.<= My life has been changed. No more messy fingers after nail painting!

DIY: Quick & Easy Braided Headband

DIY: Quick Easy Braided Headband - DIY: Quick Easy Braided HeadbandYou will need :Hair elastic, Leather, Rope, Scissores, Ball chainYou Should also see :DIY : Make a Containers From RopeDiy : Make a Children Cardboard TableDIY : Mak