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Mushroom bunks by KarenR-TB, via Flickr

savaque: “Mycology is a strange thing. When I tell someone that I study fungi for a living, I get the strangest looks but if they could stop and see the world the way I do for just a minute they might see how amazingly wonderful the smallest parts of.

Food forest

Perennial food garden, including nut and fruit trees, berry bushes and perennial vegetables, herbs & leafy greens. Utilizing as much as possible elevated soil heaps for plants that don't need self-watering raised beds.

Astoria, Oregon - Pixdaus                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Astoria, Oregon - Pixdaus, when we move to Oregon I am going to need to go there. This looks like the happy place I transport myself when I am meditating.