These french words (called connectors) will help you: – Gain time to elaborate your next sentence or idea – Make the conversation without any empty silence – Avoid the syndrome “Did you understand me?” since you will react faster. – Sounds more sophisticated Do not hesitate to share. :)

50 French Expressions for Disagreement and Agreement

French notebook : use foldable tabs

A French notebook foldables- une bonne idée pour réintroduire les expressions de classe. Instead of having translations under the flaps, I would put a common response to the question.

Learn French with Fun Games -- fun language app designed for young children - français

Learn French with Fun Games

Learn French with Fun Games with this language app for kids, designed for kids age 3 to but older kids even adults can use it too.

Song to teach some animal vocabulary

It's a really cute video to teach animal vocabulary in FRENCH and get the kids to sing along

30 hilarious French expressions to sound like a native

5 common French expressions with fruits and vegetables

Les émissions télévisées préférées de nos élèves pour apprendre la langue

Albertine created a poster on checkthis, the most beautiful way to create and share stunning posters with friends and family.