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Eligibility Criteria of Naturalization for Spouse of US Citizen | Immigration & Visa Guides

The spouses of citizens of the United States (US) are in general eligible to become US Citizen by naturalization if they have been permanent resident for at least three years and living during all this period with the US citizen in a marital union. The naturalization of spouses of US citizens is authorized pursuant toRead More

US H-1B Specialty Occupations Visa for Temporary Workers

US H-1B Specialty Occupations Visa for temporary foreign workers is a non-immigrant visa that allows the foreign nationals with specialty skills to work in the United States for short period. There are limited number of H-1B visas made available to the US employers each year who must apply on behalf of the foreign nationals toRead More

7 Steps Guide to F-1 Study Abroad Visa To United States From India | Immigration & Visa Guides #Studyabroad #India #USA

F-1 Academic study abroad visa to the United States (US) from India is designated for those Indian students with admission secured in a college, university, high schools or language training institutes as full time students. Indian students must enroll in any of the educational institution which is authorized by US Homeland Security Student and ExchangeRead More

A Beginners Guide to L-1B Intra-Company Transferee Visa to US | Immigration & Visa Guides

L1B visa application form, eligibility, processing time, extension and requirements for L1 B visa for specialized skilled workers.

How to Extend Visit Visa to United States And Avoid Overstay? | Immigration & Visa Guides #USA #visitvisa

Visit visa to the United States (US) allows the foreign nationals to enter the US for a short period for business, tourism or medical treatment. The validity of the non-immigrant visit visa is for a period of six months that can be extended for additional six months. The foreign visitors are expected to follow theirRead More

Study Visa to Canada Questions and Answers | Immigration & Visa Guides

International students entering Canada to study at a School, College or University for a study program longer than six months must obtain study permit from a Canadian visa office in their country of residence. Tourists on visit visa cannot enroll in a study program without study permit. Students holding United States passport can obtain theRead More

Lithuania Business Immigration for Pakistani Entrepreneurs #immigration #Pakistan #Lithuania #business #lahore

Young Pakistani entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business horizons beyond the Pakistani borders can take advantage of a number of lucrative business immigration options offered by European cou…

How to Apply for Canada Work Permit from Philippines as Live in Caregiver? #Canada #Workpermit #Nanny #Philippines

You are working as a child caregiver in Philippines for the last two years. You have been offered a job as a live in caregiver by a family settled in Calgary, Canada to provide care for their four years old son. You will live with the family and provide the child care. You will needRead More

3 step process for EB5 visa to United States #EB5 #GreenCard #immigration

EB5 visa to United States enable a foreign investor to obtain green card by investing $500,000 – $1,000,000 and preserving at least 10 jobs for US workers. The process does not require a sponsor or labor certification and can be completed in most cases in one year. However, it is important that you provide allRead More

Quick Guide to Apply for Canadian Super Visa for Parents or Grandparents | Immigration & Visa Guides

Canada super visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents is a multi-entry non-immigrant visit visa that is valid for up to 10 years and allows the visa holder to remain in Canada for up to two years during each visit. The inviting child or grandchild as well as the visiting parentsRead More

5 Easy to Follow Steps for Canada Tourist Visa From Pakistan | Immigration & Visa Guides

Canada has many attractions for tourists from around the globe and every year more than 35 million people visit Canada. A large number of tourists from Pakistan also come to Canada every year. As a national of Pakistan, you require a tourist visa or temporary resident permit to enter Canada. Pakistan passport holders must submitRead More

New Swedish Immigration Rules for PhD students

Sweden has proposed new bill to consider the time period spend by the PhD researchers on their research projects as the work experience as well as possibility of them to start their own business af…

Offshore Child Visa to #Australia, Subclass 101 Guide, Answers | Immigration & Visa Guides #sponsor #family #immigration

Australia Offshore child application process, fees, documents requirements, timeline etc.

6 Best Tips for Purchasing Medical Insurance for Canada Super Visa | Immigration & Visa Guides #Canada #Supervisa #insurance

Canada Super Visa for parents and grandparents applicants must purchase a full coverage medical insurance valid for at a minimum period of one year providing coverage of $100,000. The applicant must also submit the proof of purchase of medical insurance with their application for super visa. It is the responsibility of the insurer to selectRead More

nova scotia immigration program #Canada #immigration #PNP #skilled

Nova Scotia has launched Regional Market Stream under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program for Canadian immigration and it does not require a job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia. The program is no…

3 Red Flags for Spouse Immigration Application for Canada #Canada #immigration #Sponsor

You recently got married to a beautiful lady who is love of your life while you were gone to the country from where your parents immigrated to Canada. Your newly wed spouse is not Canadian so she m…