In Michigan, we don't call it soda, soda pop, or Coke. We call it pop. Celebrate Michigan culture with this impossible soft vintage t-shirt. Designed in Michigan.

Maple Leaf Cookies - Martha Stewart Recipes

Maple Leaf Cookies

MAPLE LEAF COOKIE GIFT~ These buttery sugar cookies pack a delicate crumb and a pure-maple oomph. Package them inside maple-leaf boxes for a great fall gift~Martha Stewart

Skating on the Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Skating on the Rideau Canal (the world's largest natural skating rink), Ottawa, Canada-- neat that this is where Anna started skating.

CANADA - winter winter

Toronto Seasons - this pretty much sums up a Canadian year.


Every time I go to the states I always get iced tea and MAN is it ever gross compared to the stuff we have

A 1936 Canadian Dot Cent, made by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1937, sold at auction for $402,500 US.

Rare Canadian penny fetches $402,500 US

The Canadian 1936 dot cent coin. The penny has a tiny dot on the reverse side, below the date, to distinguish it as a 1936 coin made in Only three are thought to exist in the world

Algonquin Park, Onta | Diario El Mundo World News Yahoo! Noticias

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario - known for its maple hills, rugged granite ridges and countless waterways. I have been here in the fall and you cannot describe the beauty

.New Brunswick

New Brunswick in autumn, I think there is no more beautiful place on Earth in the Fall, maybe I'm biased


2 Day Mini-Guide: Toronto


Toronto by Glenn Michael <--- back when Honest Eds and Sam Sam the Record Man were still in business.