This lady's blog seems to have a lot of free homeschooling info and stuff...Free Kindergarten Readiness Printables

Free Kindergarten Readiness Printables!

Match the colored clothes pins to the same color dots on the card, which is recreating the dotted pattern on the cards with the clothes pins.

Clothespin Color Matching Strips ~ This is a great activity for eye-hand coordination … fine motor skills … and cognitive development. pattern strips and purchased color coding dots at Walmart and color clothespins.

Printable pattern cards for preschool and kindergarten: Trucks! - the measured mom

truck patterns

printable truck pattern cards for preschoolers the measured mom Printable pattern cards for preschool and kindergarten: Trucks!

Patterning Learning Goals and Success Criteria for Kindergarten! AB patterns! … More

I love this learning goal and success criteria chart for patterns, I would definitely create my own and have it in my classroom to show what we are learning.

Fall Leaf Provocation: "Can You Make a Pattern?" (from Inquiry Spaces & Wondering Places)

independant or Partner activity Each pair will be able to make patterns using the leaves. They can have their partner finish their pattern, or mirror their pattern.

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Patterns & Math Stations

Make a class pattern book. Teacher can check for accuracy and class. Can sort into patterns and nonpatterns.