Actifry Chick Peas Snack

Actifry Chick Peas Snack- Ingredients 1 can drained chick pea ( garbanzo beans) 1 tabsp of oil of your choice ( I used olive oil) 1 tsp chili powder, or smoked chili powder or flavor of choice salt Preparation Drain a can

Actifry - sweet and crispy chicken wings

Korean Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

sweet and crispy chicken wings (had no rice vinegar but used sherry and it was nice, dont overcook sauce because it won't stick and even coated peanuts can be used… ps. ordinary pancake syrup will do fine too)

ActiFry Scrambled Eggs with Raw Spinach and Tomatoes

Electric fryer - ActiFry - With just one spoon of oil, cook 1 kg of real crispy chips with only fat

Sweet And Sour Meatballs "Actifry"

Sweet And Sour Meatballs "Actifry"

Actifry -- Polish Cabbage and Noodles

Frugal Gourmets Polish Noodles And Cabbage Recipe - Genius Kitchensparklesparkle