Prairie Winter Highway by Paul Galipeau.  #kmggold

Prairie Winter Highway by Paul Galipeau. This is the view I have when I leave Winnipeg airport in February/March for my holiday with my sister in Mexico - it's always nice to see how the snow gives way to green spaces the further south we

#Winnipeg washed in #golden lights. #kmggold

✯ Esplanade Bridge over Red River at Dusk, Winnipeg, Manitoba - photo taken by Mike Grandmaison

Beautiful view of St. Boniface. Winnipeg, Manitoba #kmggold

Forks Riverwalk - Winnipeg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Winnipeg Manitoba - curling on the River #kmggold

The Red River Mutual Trail in Winnipeg is the world's longest naturally frozen skating kilometers long.

Confusion Corner, #Winnipeg. #kmggold

Perhaps the perfect place for a roundabout?what's so confusing about that?

St Vital Park, Winnipeg

Vital Park, in the south of Winnipeg, runs along the east shore of the Red River.

Skating Shelters in #Winnipeg. Patkau Architects of Canada created this group of temporary plywood skating shelters huddled together by a skating trail along a frozen river in Winnipeg. #kmggold

On the Radar

Built by Patkau Architects in Winnipeg, Canada with date Images by James Dow. Winnipeg is a city of residents located on the Canadian prairie. It is the coldest city of its size outside o.

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