Infographic: Australia's Stolen Generations

A concise overview of the Stolen Generations: When did it happen? And what were the consequences? High-resolution PDF ready to be printed in or Ideal for lesson preparation, seminars or assignments.


First Nations Education Steering Committee - FREE residential school lesson plans. Great for Ontario Grade 5 social studies.


Grade 10 Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation - FNESC

Residential School survivor Lorna Standingready (L) is comforted during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada closing ceremony…

What is cultural genocide?

The lighting of a sacred fire and a procession of dignitaries, including some residential school survivors, helped launch the grand opening of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation in Winnipeg on Tuesday.

Aboriginal Australia without agenda - Creative Spirits

Creative Spirits - Aboriginal History: Australia Day - Invasion Day "Most Australians celebrate Australia Day as the day Australia was founded. In contrast, Aboriginal people mourn their history and call it ‘Invasion Day’.

Infographic: Australia’s Stolen Generations - Creative Spirits

Use this concise overview to tell or learn about the story of the Stolen Generations: When did it happen?

The schools that had cemeteries instead of playgrounds

North American Indian children in their dormitory at a Canadian boarding school. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)