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By Andrew Liszewski This may look like another steampunk creation cooked up by someone desperately . Read more Bayonet + Brass Knuckles + Handgun = The Apache Cool Guns, Guns And Ammo, Zombie Apocalypse, Apocalypse Survival, Apocalypse Character, Hand Guns, Just In Case, Cool Stuff, Stuff To Buy

Brass Knuckle Gun Knife

Never bring a gun to a brass knuckle gun knife fight. This post originally appeared in the Art Of Manliness ‘Trunk’ – a collection of cool stuff we find while wandering the vast deserts of the world wide web. Related Articles

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws and governments will have guns." It seems like a pretty obvious statement, but some people just don't think things through. Shall Not Be Infringed, Pro Gun, Cool Guns, 2nd Amendment, Guns And Ammo, Country Girls, Favorite Quotes, Qoutes, Wisdom

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This is a tribute to the most useless things in my life. Things like a white crayon, or my remote controls. I encourage you all to do the same in response. It can be interesting. To my white crayon, I don’t know why I need you. I can only use you on black paper and I have no black paper. I have 47 other crayons in my box that I can use on plain white paper. I don’t need you but they put you in the box anyway. I understand life can get pretty dull for you, sitting in the crayon box, watching…

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That is Tempest Storm in her younger days. She is a burlesque stripper and has a show in Las Vegas. She is around 85 now. I saw her several times in Reno many years ago. She boxed my ears with those guns. Steam Punk, Festivals, Tempest Storm, Grunge, Vintage Burlesque, Kawaii, Bra And Panty Sets, Showgirls, Vintage Beauty


September 1955– American burlesque performer Blaze Starr poses for American painter Joseph Sheppard in his studio as he finishes a 4’X6′ portrait of her. Starr wears a semi-transp…