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If I could, I would force people to read this book. I would even buy their coffee afterwards.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave is about two women who meet unexpectedly on a beach. Little Bee is a Nigerian refugee and Sarah is a British magazine editor. Use these book club discussion questions on Little Bee to lead your reading group into the novel.

Every so often you stumble across the book that whips you right out of reality and pulls you in. I’m talking about the kind of book that leaves you at the very end of the subway line with no memory of how you got there, because you totally missed you

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Lost Girls by Robert Kolker | 14 Nonfiction Books Your Book Club Needs To Read…

Award-winning investigative reporter Robert Kolker delivers a haunting and humanizing account of the true-life search for a serial killer still at large on Long Island, in a compelling tale of unsolved murder and Internet prostitution.

Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof, by Roger Clarke | 13 Books That Will Make You Believe In Ghosts

Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof, by Roger Clarke. Horatio would pin this because like I have said before he is very smart and would probably like to study the anomaly of spirits walking among us.

Great books to read if you loved The Nightingale and All the Light We Cannot See

Are you a fan of historical fiction? Do you rate books by how much you cried reading them? If so, you need to check out these 9 new World War II books.


Julie Myerson is hooked by Sarah Waters, a modern Wilkie Collins whose Fingersmith reveals a vital Victorian world of petty thieves, asylums and surprising passions

27 Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Fall

The Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer mixes entertaining elements of thriller and romance novels in The Chemist, a grown-up story of a female government spy — an expert in chemical torture — who learns too many secrets about her employers.

If you're a fan of Philippa Gregory, check out these 12 historical fiction reads. Featuring The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan.

The Twentieth Wife - this debut novel tells the captivating story of one of India's most controversial empresses -- a woman whose brilliance and determination trumped myriad obstacles, and whose love shaped the course of the Mughal Empire