Cree Beaded Moccasins

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Native American                                                       …

dynastylnoire: “ mortuus-lamia: “ This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Native American Clothing Contest Photo: Max Mcdonald ” OMG MY HEART!

Amérindien perlé bébé mocassins et chaussures à semelle souple fait de cuir souple de cacher des cerfs

Native American Handmade Lavender Beaded Baby Moccasins & Soft Soled Shoes, Soft White Leather Infant Shoes Toddler Moccs, Baby Shower Gift

23519265_1596956810369844_4551608096899975906_n.jpg (873×960)

23519265_1596956810369844_4551608096899975906_n.jpg (873×960)