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The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Iceland

Vik is Iceland’s southernmost village and faces the open Atlantic Ocean, framed by a long black volcanic sand beach. Less than 300 people live in Vik, but it is the biggest settlement for some mi). Click through to read why Vik Iceland is a MUST Se

tin roof

This kitchen has a corrugated metal ceiling and side wall. The dark and rough surface draws the eyes upwards in this room. It gives the room a rustic and country feel to it. I think it makes the room feel a bit smaller, than a light colour paint would do.

Recipe: Mushroom Melts. These add a whole new meaning to the term "veggie burger." | From Organic Gardening

Portobello Mushroom Melt: The secret to a satisfying, tastier-than-beef vegetarian "burger"? Substitute portobello mushroom caps rubbed with oil and grilled, then layer on spicy condiments. (This could be made to be very low in calories!