This would make a good ice breaker for the first day of class. It would get students up out of their seats and moving around interacting with each other. Volunteers could also read theirs to the class.    The only problem I see that could occur is that all the questions may not have matching students.

Teach Your Child to Read - Minds in Bloom: 20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

This is an awesome icebreaker for older kids or those that do not need visual clues.  Great as a first day of school activity!  Helps your student ``break the ice`` and get to know everyone. Alternative activity:  provide a prize for the person who finishes the hunt first!

Trouve Quelqu`un qui...Icebreaker for older grades in FRENCH

Debbie's Spanish Learning: Teaching Emotions with Ping Pong Balls

Debbie's Spanish Learning: Teaching Emotions with Ping Pong Balls. This lesson is written for teaching English speakers the words for emotions in Spanish, but would be a great activity for practicing emotion words in English with newcomer ELLs.

Mes coups de coeur: Description et émotions.

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